What are the supper groups?

To evenly distribute the responsibility of bring supper to share, we have two groups of ecclesia’s which will provide supper on alternate Friday night classes.

Group A – Punchbowl, Sutherland, Cabramatta, Southern Highlands and Castle Hill

Group B – Blue Mountains, Moorebank, Gosford, Kemps Creek, Riverwood and Yagoona

In the class program, you will see when your Group is required to bring along supper.

How do I get to CYC?

CYC is held at Punchbowl Christadelphian Ecclesial Hall at 100 Highclere Avenue, Punchbowl, New South Wales, Australia 2196.

If you require assistance getting to CYC, email info@sydneycyc.net and we will see what can be done.

Can I bring a friend?


What do I need to bring to CYC classes?

Our classes consist of bible-based talks so we ask that you bring along a bible so that you can be more engaged with the speaker. There are also two supper groups consisting of several ecclesia’s which are required to assist in providing supper for the class. See the FAQ for supper groups for more information.

What age do I have to be to attend CYC?

CYC aims to provide classes and activities catering for ages 15 to 35.